10 (prompt) actions required for 5G technology to become widespread in Colombia

Stefany Bonilla is the Bogotá Metropolitan Police agent who told Noticias Caracol how everything happened, when she came across the scene when she was going to attend to a road accident.

The event was recorded on video. There you see that two motorcycles, each with two criminals, close a man who was going alone. One of them got off the motorcycle in front of him with a firearm, forcing the victim to dismount and demanding that he also hand over her belongings.

A second malefactor got out of the back one, tried to take the victim’s motorcycle, but at that moment Stefany arrived, crossed and was run over by the first delinquent, who, seeing it, tore it up and knocked it down.

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The second bike also started when seeing what was happeningcausing the thief trying to boot the machine they were going to steal to panic, so gave up and ran away.

The first thief was oblivious to what was happening behind his backkept aiming at the victim and making him back away, so he didn’t realize he was alone.

Bonilla got up and decided to save the man rather than go after the others. He warned the offender to put his hands up and disarmed him, preventing the robbery and catching him.

This is the video of what happened:

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