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Video shows shock in the hearse! Dead was still alive

The Chinese man who was declared dead narrowly escaped his burial alive.  (icon picture)

A Chinese man narrowly escaped a true horror scenario. He was pronounced dead – but still pretty much alive.

Shanghai – They are scenes from one horrible nightmare: You wake up in a coffin, buried alive, deep underground. A Chinese man narrowly escaped this horror. He was declared dead – but was still alive.

The Chinese man who was declared dead narrowly escaped his burial alive. (Iconic image) © dpa/Armin Weigel

The senior, who lives in Shanghai, was found dead by his retirement home – which was not entirely true.

As the funeral home staff loaded the presumably lifeless body into the hearse, they noticed that it was anything but dead. Because the man in the body bag was moving!

In a video recording made by, among others, Sky News was spread, the curious event can be seen. The incredulous conversation of the film endings can also be heard.

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“The nursing home is so messed up. They put a living person on a hearse and said he was dead. The funeral home staff said they were still moving,” said the man who appears to have filmed the video.

“It’s irresponsible, really irresponsible.”

Luckily, the funeral home staff were on the alert. The man, who was pronounced dead, was taken to a hospital where he was stabilized again.

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