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Stolen value was not revealed; Police are already looking for a couple

By Dayene Paz | 04/30/2022 17:09

Bandits broke the door of a cafeteria and fled with the safe at dawn this Friday (29), in Três Lagoas, 338 kilometers from Campo Grande. The amount taken by the criminals was not revealed. The police investigate the case.

The action took place around 4:25 am yesterday and was recorded by security cameras. The images – released by the website Fatos MS – show the duo watching the cafeteria, which is in the central region. Then one hurls the stone against the glass door.

The two – who wear cap coats covering part of their faces – enter and go to the room where the safe is. The duo takes around 30 seconds to access the room and push the safe out. Then one of them still goes to the cashier to look for money, but he doesn’t find it. Then he accesses the kitchen, where he stays for a while, a few seconds.

The entire action lasted less than a minute and a half. The case was registered at the Civil Police station of the city. The amount taken by the criminals was not revealed.

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