French students run over 20220509

While the Justice of the City of Buenos Aires investigates whether the 74-year-old taxi driver who ran over three French students last Saturday he was in a position to drive the car he worked on since he would have suffered a strokea video of the man’s reaction seconds after the accident it went viral.

In the disturbing images, the brief dialogue between a woman who seems to have witnessed the accident with the man who asks her what had happened is observed.

“Oh mom,” says a young woman crying. “Where is she?” the taxi driver asks. “Oh god,” continues the woman who seems to have witnessed the accident. “What happened? Tell me what happened”the man insists.

“You ran over,” the girl tells him. “Are you seriously telling me?” says the taxi driver holding his head. “You ran over a lot of people”they reiterate. “No, I swear I didn’t see anyone. I fainted. I was faint. I don’t know what happened to me,” he explains.

The taxi driver’s reaction.

Justice investigates whether the taxi driver could drive

The Buenos Aires prosecutor Matthias de Sanctis did not advance in accusations but began to give the investigation an orientation that allows determining if there was any reprehensible conduct on the part of the taxi driver, aged 74who continues to be admitted to the Rivadavia Hospital, after a possible acute myocardial infarction.

In the case in which the fact is being investigated, the prosecutor requested a battery of evidence measures with the aim of establish whether the taxi driver committed a “reckless homicide” or had no way to avoid what finally happened due to suffering a fortuitous syncope, as the first versions indicated.

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In the Prosecutor’s Office they are still waiting for the medical reports about the taxi driver’s health but, in the meantime, his clinic history to find out if he had suffered a similar episode and if he should take any medication that he was not taking or that could have caused the episode that caused him to lose consciousness.

From the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF), however, they clarified that these first measures have to do with giving the investigation a focus, but that they also could be a case in which the driver, in good health, suffered a syncope of which he had no warning for which there would be no reprehensible conduct.

  French students run over 20220509
Lwana Margaux Adrianne Bichet, 25, the young French woman who was run over by a car.

How is the health of young French women?

The three young women were immediately admitted to the Fernández Hospital. Lwana Margaux Adrianne Bichet, 25, died the next day from a skull fracture after the crash. He suffered a subdural cerebral hematoma and died in the operating room.

Also, the director of the hospital, Ignatius Previglianotold the Tëlam agency that Clemence Rameau and Anne-Lise Duma (both 23 years old) remain hospitalized and in “stable” condition.

Previgliano specified that “Clemence is in the emergency department, she is very well and lucid, and Anne, who is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), is stable, but requires continued critical care.”

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The official indicated that they will continue to be admitted to the hospital and that “they await the arrival of relatives of the young women”, as well as the family of the deceased young woman, as Télam was able to find out.

Anne-Lise has a minor head injury and some skull fractures that do not cause brain damage, but he has a blow to the right temporal pole and a stabilized pelvic fracture. He is fine and will continue in intensive care but he is very stable,” she said.

Regarding Clemence, he indicated that he was able to talk to her and that he already knows that his friend passed away and “she is very upset.” In this regard, she added that Anne-Lise was not informed of Bichet’s death because “she is not fit.”

  French students run over 20220509
Clemence Rameau “is very well and lucid.”

Who are the three French students run over

The three girls were in the City of Buenos Aires on an exchange. The young woman who died had been in the Buenos Aires territory for more than three months. According to her social networks, she was a brand management professional at Procter & Gamble and was also an intern at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

The girls would have met while doing a postgraduate degree in Administration at the ESCP Business School in Paris, about four years ago. According to the newspaper Clarín, Rameau joined the girls soccer team of that schoolwhile Bichet, the young woman who died, was a cheerleader.

  French students run over 20220509
Anne-Lise Dumas is still in the Intensive Care Unit.

Clemence had already studied exchange status in Madrid while studying Administration subjects at the Carlos III University. All three have done communitary works. For example, Bichet campaigned to create an automotive training center at a school in Bolivia. Also, in the pandemic, he also moved to collect food and hygiene products for the homeless.

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how was the accident

The women were run over past noon on Saturday by a taxi, whose driver lost control of the vehicle after suffering a decompensation in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo.

In the incident, which occurred a few meters from the corner of Santa Fe and Armenia avenues, near the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardentwo other cars were involved, and five people were struck by a Volkswagen Voyage taxi.

Members of the 14A Neighborhood Police Station found the driver lying on the ground, who was urgently taken to the Rivadavia hospital, where it was reported that he could have suffered a stroke.

Two other cars, a Fiat Palio and a Nissan March, had damage to their sides, so it is presumed that the taxi driver also hit them.


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