Narcojosé, and other pets of Gustavo Petro, 'Fico' Gutiérrez and Rodolfo Hernández

Prior to the elections that will define who will be the next president of Colombia, public some videos in which the two candidates are seen ‘hitting a tile’.

Although the videos are old, the Instagram account @cantavallenato decided to lower the fire to so much fight before the voting with a funny comparison between Rodolfo Hernández and Gustavo Petro.

The Historical Pact candidate is seen dancing with Verónica Alcocer at a meeting. She has already shown that she has good moves, but this time she had to be much more sober to dance with her husbandeither.

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For his part, Rodolfo Hernández was shown dancing with a young woman on a yacht, but his movements are much more leisurely than hers.

The followers on social networks have had a lot of fun with these images and have commented without fighting so muchbecause in recent weeks social networks have been filled with a lot of political activity that, for many, is already tiresome.

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