VIDEO They investigate the case of a woman declared dead and who woke up before being buried in Peru

Peru.- A woman who was declared dead woke up minutes before being buried, however, when she was transferred to the hospital, she died.

The events were recorded in the cemetery Carmen located in Ferrenafe, Peru, after what Rosa Isabel Cespedes She was pronounced dead after suffering a vehicle accident.

according to medium Trade, Family and friends gathered to say goodbye to her, but before being taken to the mausoleum where she would rest, the woman began to hit the coffin.

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Upon hearing the sound, witnesses alerted cemetery staff and called paramedics.

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“He opened his eyes and was sweating. At that time I came to my office and proceeded to call the police”, said the administrator of the cemetery, Juan Segundo Cajo.

At the scene, paramedics treated the woman who verified that she still had vital signs, but very low, so she was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead shortly after.

The accident that took the lives of Rosa and her brother-in-law in Peru

Pink She was traveling on a van motorcycle in the company of her husband, her three children and her brother-in-law when the vehicle was hit by a truck.

Rosa’s brother-in-law died at the scene, while she, her husband and children were taken to a hospital.

A day later, on April 25, the woman was declared dead by medical personnel after disconnecting her from the artificial respirator.

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Negligent investigation of doctors who declared Rosa dead in Peru

According to the medium The popular, Regional Health Manager Alipio Rivas Guevara, reported that the case is still under investigation.

The authorities believe that the medical personnel who declared the woman dead did not carry out a proper examination.

“It is in an investigation process. The director of the hospital has already spoken, she is sending a report on the events that have arisen, ”said Rivas Guevara.

Videos circulate on social networks of the moment in which the family realizes that the woman made noise inside the coffin.

‘She is alive! Stop recording, please ”, is heard in one of the videos.

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