Video: Viviana Canosa's unusual mistake about young people leaving the country

the driver of Live with you Gray Viciana, argued in his program that “millions” of young people want to leave the country and erroneously incorporated a tweet from Luquitas Rodríguez, host of a program in vortexwithout taking into account that its author was making a joke.

“A kid who says enough is enough like so many millions and like so many kids that if they had the chance they would also go to hell in Argentina. We don’t want anyone to leave because we make this Argentina better together,” he attacked Viviana Canosa against the government.

The tweet cited by the host was published on Tuesday, May 10, by Luquitas Rodríguez, humorist, streamer and host of the radio program stop the handwhere they usually make fun of the driver, which is broadcast on vortex, who accompanied the text with an image of his partner German Beder: “I’m leaving. I’m tired of it not being enough, that it’s more difficult every day. The only way out is in Ezeiza. I invite you to do the same, emigrate without fear, there is a better life outside. I leave you my last photo in this country,” the publication said in a humorous spirit.

“A kid who says enough”

For its part, German Beder He took advantage of the occasion to allude to Viviana’s mistake on his Twitter account: “It’s good that you bring the tweet to light @vivicanosaok. For days this user luquitaalgo defames me and stalks me. You who have the tools and, above all, a production at the height of your career, will be able to verify it. I am living in Oslo. Does that zoom out?”ironized.


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