In case of Augustinebarely six years old, is a reflection of the bullying that many children and adolescents live at school and in their social networks. A video of the girl, in which she cries and says that she does not want to go to school anymore because she “they treat fat” moved in social networks.

“I don’t want to go to school anymore. They call me fat.” the minor is heard saying in the video while crying. Still dressed in overalls, the girl assures with anguish that her companions do not let her be calm.

“They treat me like a ‘fat pig’, I’m tired. I have had enough”maintains the girl, who, according to reports, is in the first grade at the Lindor Castillo school, in La Arboleda, Tupungato, in the province of Mendoza.

The terrible case of Drayke Hardman, the child victim of bullying who committed suicide at the age of 12

It was Mariela, Agustina’s aunt, who posted the video on social networks with anger and hope that this reality could change.

“MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING!!! I DIDN’T WANT TO MAKE IT PUBLIC! ! BUT ENOUGH!!! SHE IS MY NIECE AND GETS BULLING EVERY DAY AT SCHOOL!!! He is ONLY 6 years old! Enough of BULLING! !! Children also suffer [email protected] instead of [email protected]”, he wrote on Facebook.

The publication of the minor’s aunt on her social networks.

Before the publication, many left comments supporting his decision to tell what his niece suffered and repudiated the school for allowing children to suffer this type of bullying.

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