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Aragorn is one of the most famous characters in the entire franchise of Lord of the Rings and one of the most remarkable in the history of cinema, mainly due to the incredible performance of Viggo Mortensen in the paper.

However, after more than 15 years away from the role, is the star still in the world of productions? With that in mind, we brought everything we know about where the interpreter of Aragorn. Check out!

Viggo Mortensen continues in the world of cinema and has 4 productions for 2022

the actor of Lord of the Rings now he is 63 years old and has a career of great successes in cinemas, since, despite appearing to be erased from this universe, viggo is still producing at full steam.

Regarding minor roles in cinemas, Viggo Mortensenthe eternal Aragornhad already made some previous participations in Portrait of a Young Woman on Fire, Red Tide, A Perfect Crime and Psychosis.

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In addition, he remained firm in the productions after the trilogy, even if he did not have as much prominence in these productions, due to his incredible performance in the franchise of Lord of the Rings as the iconic character.

After three years of filming, viggo starred in the movies Marks of Violence and sea ​​of ​​fire and got two more big performances in theaters, in addition to his role in crime lordswhich earned him an Oscar nomination.

After these works, the actor of Aragorn received another Oscar nomination after starring in the independent film Captain Fantasticshowing the strength of the name Viggo Mortensen on the big screen.

But the actor is not restricted to the world of cinema when it comes to current works, as the star has always made his love for music and the art world in general very clear.

So, Viggo Mortensen also ventures into the world of music and the world of writing, mainly in poems and poetry, and continues to invest its efforts in discovering other talents after giving life to the Aragorn.

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The star also has a passion for horses and ended up buying two after filming for Lord of the Ringstaking care of the animals to this day with great affection.

Now, the most recent success of the actor and one of the biggest of his career was the movie Green Bookwhich premiered in 2018. The film won an Oscar and became one of the biggest hits at the time.

Viggo Mortensen also ventured out as a director and screenwriter after his role as Aragorn and, in 2020, he was in these positions in the film There is still timewhich was not as successful, but which is still a great production.

Finally, the actor revealed in a recent interview that he has four productions in the works for the year 2022 and we can’t wait to see more work from this big screen star!

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