Viktor Orbán showed what happened after the inauguration of Katalin Novák

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán posted a video on his official Facebook page about what happened during and after the inauguration of President Katalin Novák.

The inauguration of Katalin Novák and what followed

– wrote Viktor Orbán in his post. In another post, the Prime Minister wished the President a lot of success.

After the inauguration ceremony, the prime minister took joint pictures and also distributed signatures to the crowd.

In her inaugural speech, Katalin Novák listed the war from Hungary in ten points. The President of the Republic said, among other things, that we are not neutral and we condemn the Putin aggression.

(Cover image: In the picture published by the Prime Minister’s Press Office, participants take a joint photo with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the inauguration ceremony of President Katalin Novák in front of the Parliament on Kossuth Square on May 14, 2022. Photo: MTI / Prime Minister’s Press Office

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