Viktor Verhulst then returns to 'Love island'


It was recently announced that the third season of ‘Love island’ will only be shown on Streamz. Whoever would present it remained silent. Now Viktor Verhulst (27) confirms that he will remain in post, together with the Dutch Holly Mae Brood (27).

Stayed in the Netherlands love island continued, but due to declining TV viewing figures, Flanders had to wait for a sequel. That will come, albeit exclusively on the streaming service of Telenet and DPG, respectively the parent companies of Play4 and VTM. Stayed online love island namely still standing: the first season got more than 5.5 million views, the second season 5.7 million.

After a one-year break, Verhulst himself announces his return. Filming will again take place in Gran Canaria, and registrations are open. In love island Twelve singles are paired in order to find true love. The last couple standing wins a cash prize.(dvg)

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