Villarrica volcano in Chile monitored for possible eruption
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The National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior (Onemi) of Chile urged the population on Tuesday to prepare for the possible eruption of the Villarrica volcano, in the province of Valdivia, belonging to the southern region of La Araucanía.


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In this sense, the entity specified in a report issued at 5:17 p.m. (local time) that it maintains the yellow alert for that area, as well as for the Los Ríos Region, given the increase in activity registered in the volcano since last weekend. of week.

The alert level has been in effect since November 8, and the day before the National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin) of the southern country reported a seismic shot, with more than twenty movements occurring in just over an hour.

So far, the authorities have detected the occurrence of 111 episodes of discrete tremors, 15 volcanotectonic seismic events and 3,547 long-term or low-frequency seismic events, associated with vibrations that occur inside the system.

“The record of volcanotectonic activity at the source and the increase in the continuous seismic signal suggest that the processes observed on the surface could continue, related to the process of shallowing the lava lake,” Onemi details.

For this reason, alert of small explosions with emission of particles, layers of ash and volcanic stones in the areas surrounding the crater.

The Chilean authorities work together with the Disaster Risk Management Committee (Cogrid) in the coordination and adoption of preventive measures in the communes of Villarrica, Pucón and Curarrehue in La Araucanía, and in the commune of Panguipulli in Los Ríos.

As part of the prevention measures, a security perimeter of about 500 meters around the active crater is maintained.

Villarrica is probably one of the most active volcanoes in South America, with its last major eruption occurring in 2015.

Since last November 8, the Volcanological Observatory of the Southern Andes (Ovdas) detected that Villarrica may vary in its parameters, which indicates probabilities of eruption of weeks or months.

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