Vilma continues to inspire generations of women

Just when the first rays of sun appeared on the peaks of this mountain range, a bouquet of white flowers dedicated to Vilma Espín Guillois by her companion in life and in the revolutionary struggle, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, illuminated the tribute paid to the heroine of the mountains and the plain 15 years after her physical disappearance.

Also early on June 18, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, dedicated emotional words to such an extraordinary symbol of Cuban women: “Our tribute to Vilma forever, whose legacy Feminine and patriotic makes Cuba proud and continues to inspire generations of women.”

Before the monument rock that treasures their ashes in the mausoleum to the heroes and martyrs of the Frank País García Second Front, the deposit of the flowers was in charge of the member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Party in the province, José Ramón Monteagudo Ruiz, accompanied by another member of the Central Committee and Hero of Labor, Lázaro Expósito Canto.

Previously, at the foot of the monolith, a floral offering of gladioli had been placed in the name of the people of Cuba, by students from the Camilo Cienfuegos Military School, in Santiago de Cuba, selected as a stimulus to the high comprehensive results obtained, who also assumed the guard of honor dedicated to Vilma on the date.

FMC card for arrivals: In tribute to Vilma, 15 young people from this hill received their card as members of the FMC. Photo:

In tribute to her memory, 15 young people from this lomerío, who arrived at the required age, received the card that accredits them as new members of the Federation of Cuban Women, and on her behalf the high school student, Lisette Batista Martínez, expressed the commitment and pride in being part of the organization that dignifies women on the Island.

In the main words, the general secretary of the FMC in the territory of Santiago, Elena Castillo Rodríguez, evoked Vilma’s legacy in the fight for the full emancipation of women in Cuba and the world, and pointed out that many of her ideas today enrich the new Family Code and reaffirm the unity of worthy Cuban women in the face of today’s great challenges.

Led by the attending authorities, among whom was also the head of the Military Region, Brigadier General Luis Lores Moreira, the representation of women and men from the serano municipality revered the unforgettable symbol of this hill with the placement of flowers before its monument rock .

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