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The violence against women It has reached all social spaces. Despite the fact that today there is no fight for the same reasons as 100 years ago, women still continue to fight to be in a safe space and not be violated for the simple fact of being a woman.

Clear evidence is the social networks and the Digital environmentTherefore, in this article we want to review the reasons that lead the individual to have a violent behavior with comments and actions.

Violence in the media is not a new problem (SHUTTERSTOCK)

In an interview for Free Dailythe Dominican sociologist and writer, Guarionex Luperon maintains that the violence in the media is not a new problem. For him, before digital media existed, the violence both for men and women were exercised by the symbolic elites, those who had access to the media.

The author of the book “The Spring of Serfdom: The Power of Social Media”, states that the current novelty, with social networks, as public spaces where “everyone has rights”, is that the violence digital, occurs in the context of a hypermedia society where the center of gravity is the new subject, the one who thinks, comments, criticizes and evaluates with all its deployments and sociocultural folds: the popular subject.

This popular subject, who previously had no voice in the history of the media, now shows the reality of society.

Regulation of social networks

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Regulation basically implies erasing negative sentiments from social media. (SHUTTERSTOCK)

The sociologist explains that currently, in many countries, regulations are being prepared to regulate social platforms, with the aim of promoting a process of “whitening of social networks”, a phenomenon that is based on a conservative political conception against “freedom”. positive and negative”, postulated by the political scientist isaiah berlin. Basically, it involves deleting negative feelings from social media.

Luperón, who is also the author of the book “The value of social networks in the hypermedia society”, agrees with the regulations that imply a crime such as: making montages with photos of people to blackmail them, impersonation, the use of unauthorized content, the use of algorithms and “bot” farms to build currents of opinion favorable or unfavorable about social events or people, etc. But no, with those that limit the free positive or negative expression of society.

“Men are emotions, feelings and the expression of their sociocultural context”Guarionex Luperon writer and sociologist

At the same time, he explains that in the case of the hypermedia society that we are forging, human beings seek the interactivity of the social actors in their social environment.

How is the “popular subject”

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It is a subject mainly of the petty middle bourgeoisie. (SHUTTERSTOCK)

The popular subject is described by Luperón, as and low who lives “scratching to live”, with a popular market education, from neighborhoods with millions of deficiencies and overwhelmed feelings (the one who previously had no voice in the media).

“This new “popular subject” can empty his hardships, resentments and frustrations on social networks… Therefore, his opinions, on any subject, reflect his social condition”Guarionex Luperon Author

“The worst is part of our reality…”, said the sociologist.

Violence is not a drill

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Digital violence is a transposition of what happens in real social figurations. (SHUTTERTSOCK)

Luperón concludes by saying: “Digital violence in social networks towards women or men is not a simulation, it is part of daily life, of the intra-history of the subjects who interact in real life.”

Is violence It is not only generated by users of the social network, when a man makes a comment to a woman, with themes: racial, social, political, sports, sexual, etc. Also, when the government institutions themselves generate images where the violation of human dignity and human rights is clearly exposed.

“Basically, digital violence is a matter of the treatment of human dignity, of human rights, in a world that is increasingly complicated and full of uncertainties”Guarionex LuperonAuthor

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