Violence in Gaza left 24 dead, including 6 children

Twenty-four people, including six children, have been killed since the start of Israeli shelling in the Gaza Stripaccording to the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian enclave, although Israel denied having carried out a new attack in which minors died.

The Gaza Ministry of Health attributed to “Israeli aggression” the 24 deaths, as well as 203 wounded since the start of the operation on Friday.

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Previous balances mentioned 15 dead.

For its part, Israel attributed the death of several kids in Jabalia (in the north of the Gaza Strip) to a missed shot from a rocket launched by the Islamic Jihad organization against Israeli territory.

“Israeli security forces have not carried out any shelling in Jabalia in the last few hours. It is irrefutably proven that this incident is the result of the missed firing of a rocket launched by Islamic Jihad.” the Israeli government said in a statement.

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