Violence in Guanajuato reaches students, 7 young people are killed in 10 days

Violence in Guanajuato.- Cinthia Guadalupe Berrios Perez I was ready yesterday to go to class at the Agricultural Technological Baccalaureate Center No. 175 of I walk the Great.

The girl, who was around 16 years old, had already put on her sports school uniformthe blue shirt and pants with the logo of his school and was preparing to leave, when his life ended violently.

Around 6:30 in the morning, neighbors reported that shots were heard in a house on Los Paulinos street, in the Fraccionamiento The Guadalupe.

Police and paramedics who arrived at the scene found a 13-year-old boy in the house, with blood-stained pants, heartbrokenly hugging his sister’s body and looking at his father’s, Manuel Berrios Rojas.

The rescuers checked the victims, who were in one of the rooms and confirmed that they were dead, so the officers removed the minor from the house and cordoned off the area.

A few minutes later the mother arrived, who in her desperation could only hug the son who had been left alive, while Criminal Investigation agents and experts searched for evidence.

The first versions of the events indicate that armed men entered the house by force to gun down the man and his daughter, while the youngest of the family slept in another room.

Cinthia Guadalupe ran to hide in a closet, but the assassins discovered her and shot her directly in the chest, she died instantly.

The young woman was the seventh student killed in Guanajuato In 10 days.

Violence in Guanajuato: 5 students are murdered in Telebachillerato, in Salamanca

On Monday 6, five students from the General Mariano Escobedo de Barrón Telebachillerato, Salamanca, were executed in a direct attack.

The victims were Eleuterio Enriquez Navarro16 years old, Pamela Ruby Banda Rangel, Estefania Rodriguez Enriquez Y Guadalupe Ramirez Gutierrezthe three of 17 years and Jose Guadalupe Banda Ramirez of 18 years.

Four of the victims were minors, the students were walking home after finishing the school day,

Violence in Guanajuato: UDL student killed in Celaya

On Monday the 13th, Adriana Janeth Lopez Torresa student at the University of León in Celaya, who was a few days away from graduating as an industrial engineer, was shot to death during an attack on the “Pro Biker” motorcycle workshop on Constituyentes Avenue in the San Juan neighborhood.

Relatives and friends of the victim explained that he had taken his motorcycle in for a mechanical checkup, and was at the scene when the killers attacked.

Criminal Investigation Agents of the State Attorney General’s Office continue with the investigations to clarify these homicides, but so far no one has been detained, they informed AM yesterday.


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