Violent robbery in Avellaneda: they broke into a full pizzeria, kicked a customer in the back and pointed another in the face
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a shocking Stole what happened in a Pizza shop from the town of Wildein the Buenos Aires party of avellanedaIt was recorded on the local security cameras. Those records showed the violence with which the criminals entered, which they put part of the customers on the floor. even one of them they kicked him in the back.

The recording shows how the three thieves -two men and a woman- arrived at the pizzeria with masks on so as not to be identified. One of them, before entering the trade, he approached a delivery man who was at the door soon to leave with his motorcycle and made him enter with the group, with his hands up. Later, they sat him in a chair next to the door, always with his helmet on.

Once inside, the clients experienced moments of high voltage. A large group that was enjoying a dinner ended with each of the people immobilized in her chair and with her hands crossed on her chest. In a bag the young delinquent placed each one of the wallets Y wallets of these diners.

Robbery at a pizzeria in Wilde

Others who were standing next to the bar were forced to lie on the floor and one of them – who was seen standing without making any type of movement or resistance – one of the aggressors, with a gun in his hand, hit him first a slap on the head and then he printed a fierce kick in the back so that it fell to the floor.

A) Yes, three men were left lying face down as the robbery continued and the same thief who kicked the previous customer, He pointed his gun at another who was at the group table, threatening him.

With all the customers reduced, that same man in a blue cap, the most violent of the three, was seen get out of the shot filmed by security cameras. It seemed to go looking for the collection from the box. His accomplices waited for him at the door and then withdrew. At the end of the action, he later came out with a backpack slung on his back.


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