The message of the young woman who helped the delivery man.

A young woman prevented a motorcycle from being stolen delivery of orders NOW and, the next day, he received a thank-you surprise in his mailbox at home.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, May 4 at night, when a young delivery man left the motorcycle “very donated”, that is to say likely to be stolenon the corner in front of her house, according to Pilar in her account of Twitter @pili_txt.

The user told her followers that, while arriving home, she saw the situation and he confronted the thief who wanted to take the delivery man’s motorcycler. However, the young woman was in for a big surprise the next day.

The message of the young woman who helped the delivery man.

Today we woke up with this in the mailbox”, Pilar indicated in reference to a letter of thanks and a 500-peso bill that the delivery man left in gratitude for the help he received.

For this reason, the young woman began a search on social networks to find the owner of the motorcycle. “I need to locate him to return the money, my sun”, he stated.

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The thank you letter

In his message, the delivery man expressed his gratitude to the young woman and her family who helped him in that difficult moment, when he almost lost his motorcycle with which he works “12 hours a day”, according to the letter.

Thank you very much, you are wonderful people and I hope you continue like this”, wrote the young delivery man who signed as Lucas.

The delivery letter of Orders Now.
The dealer’s card.

Regarding the money he left them, the owner of the motorcycle clarified: “I know it’s not much, but since I couldn’t thank you last night, I’ll leave you 500 pesos (what I earned last night) so you can buy whatever you want.”

“The truth is that they saved me, if they hadn’t been there at that time, the madman would take my motorcycle with which I work,” he said. The delivery man closed his letter with a sweet message that read: “I will always be grateful to you”.


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