Viral story of a young woman from Cordoba and her deceased grandfather
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Evelyn Iglesias is a young woman from Cordoba who days ago lived a incredible eventhe told it on Twitter and it quickly became viral. It is that, the 23-year-old woman, approved the thesis of the Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, returned to her house in Villa General Belgrano and met a unexpected message from his grandfather who died six years ago.

Through an unmissable thread, Eve recounted step by step what that shocking moment was like. “On Friday I delivered the final thesis work. Saturday morning I already had the note, approved. I return to the town, to my house. When I enter the room, I see in the window a little envelope writtento which I don’t give a lot of balls because my grandparents whenever they give us money”, the message began.

The letter that Eve found after passing the final thesis of her university career. (Twitter/)

At that moment, the young woman thought it was an old piece of paper, but when she got closer, she saw “it had money inside.” “If it still has money, it’s because it’s new, I thought,” she said. “I start to read, and it said ‘happy end of a stage’, signed by my grandmother Cristi, and my grandfather Jorge who passed away in 2016. I get emotional, because I thought that my grandmother had asked my mother to leave it there for me and had signed for both of us (she continued to do so only for a while after he passed away) ”, she added about that moment.

Immediately afterwards, the Cordoba woman detailed in another tweet: “I go downstairs very excited and tell my mother, to which she answers without looking at me: ‘Oh yes, I found it the other day on my bedside table while I was tidying upWho knows when it’s from’”. Faced with this situation, she began to think about when it was the last time he had closed a stage and he remembered that it was in 2016when he finished high school.

“My grandfather had already passed away, but my grandmother still put his name on the letters. Then, that envelope was saved six years ago. It took six years for someone to find him, he could have left at any other time. And one of the most important days for me came into my hands. Not one day more, not one day less”, exclaimed Evelyn to sentence the narrative.

The final message of the young woman from Cordoba for her grandfather who died years ago

“My grandfather was the most present in the world. What if I think that the very hdp was in charge of being present at that moment even when he was from another plane? Yes. What if they continue to show me that the soul is still with us and the only thing that leaves is the body? Also. I’m still flashed, how amazing the connections, how lucky I amwere the words of Evelyn Iglesias to try to describe what he had to live.

Finally, he left a message for his grandfather who died in 2016: “For 6 years you have taught me and shown that two souls that love each other will never, ever be separated. I love you so much old man, forever, your little star”.

The thread went viral and moved the “twitter community”

Less than a day after the thread was published, the tweet triggering the viral story was approaching no less than 100,000 likeswhile all the thread accumulated around 200 thousand red hearts. In addition, it had more than 6,000 retweets.

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