The metro station in Doha.
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the beginning of World Cup Qatar 2022 is just around the corner and the “handle” of the fans of soccer is total. One day before the inaugural meeting, Argentines continue to arrive in the Middle Eastern country. In this frame, a group of fans Cordoba took the subway local and did his thing.

Six men from different towns in the province they arrived two days ago and in the last hours they went viral. It is that, they were filmed putting together a party on the subway to the rhythm of “VLet’s go, Argentina” and the images were shared by the Instagram account of TNT Sports.

The metro station in Doha.

The story of the people from Cordoba who sang in the Qatar subway

“We saw it. We were making trouble around thereí” counted Juan Manuel rossi in dialogue with Via Cordoba. The Cordovan arrived in Doha 48 hours ago and with five companions they are “acclimatizing”. The “troop” is made up of Robert, 76 years old; reuben, 68; David, 61; rossi, 44; ignacio26 and Matthew of 15.

Not a minor fact: the oldest of the group will premiere his 77 years in full ecumenical event. Is that, Robert (purple shirt in the video) birthday this wednesday november 23 and its celebration promises to be worldwide.

The delegation that traveled to Qatar has members of Marcos Juárez, Córdoba, Alta Gracia and Jovita. All the locations have one factor in common: the feeling and the intact illusion to support Lionel Messi and company. Beyond the result, this team has already won the hearts of all the fans.

The people from Cordoba who traveled to Qatar and took the Doha metro.

The people from Cordoba who traveled to Qatar and took the Doha metro. (Courtesy Juan Manuel Rossi /)

Qatar’s revamped metro system

The Qatari government carried out a series of renovations in the city of Doha to receive around six million people. One of them was a subway system of the highest level that has three lines that connect almost all the stadiums.

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