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Viviana Canosa confirmed that she resigned from her TV program and unleashed repercussions on social networks

Viviana Canosa spoke on the networks after the scandal.  (Photo: Twitter)

Viviana Canosa decided that this Friday’s edition of Live with you cycle that is emitted by A24, do not air. According to the versions, the driver was going to present a critical report about the Minister of Economy, Serge Massa.

After he decided to leave the channel’s facilities in Palermo, Grupo América issued a statement. “The company decided not to broadcast videos of escraches and violence,” they said.

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Hours later, it was she who spoke on social networks. Tonight our cycle is over #vivianaconvos by A24. We have had differences with the channel regarding the notion of freedom of expression. We believe that defending freedom is also defending a basic institution”, he launched.

Viviana Canosa spoke on the networks after the scandal. (Photo: Twitter)

The full release of Viviana Canosa about her resignation from A24

“We believe that defending institutions and people are different matters. We also have a difference with the channel regarding the notion of violence. At our discretion, What generates violence is poverty, indigence, unemployment, inflation and all the disasters that we will spare mention. We are not naive. We know that communication amplifies and influences. But we do not confuse the problem with the symptom. They are not the same, ”said the journalist on Twitter after a wave of speculation about why her program had not aired.

Viviana Canosa was a driver of "live with you".  (Photo: Instagram @vivianacanosaok)
Viviana Canosa was the host of “Viviana con vos”. (Photo: Instagram @vivianacanosaok)

Then, he added: “Our commitment is with the facts and with the truth. Our opinions and editorial line are solely our own, and we have always been willing to bear the costs of defending them. We thank A24 for giving us a screen for a year and a half. And to all the channel workers for the quality of their work and their love. We can be right or wrong. But always free and worthy. Thank you for joining us every night.”

What does the statement from Grupo América say about Viviana Canosa’s program

Without mentioning Sergio Massa, the statement from Grupo América referred to incidents involving the head of the Treasury in recent hours. “Given the profuse diffusion of street videos taken by strangers with cell phones generating escraches with violence not only verbal but also physical to public officials, politicians and leaders in general and then uploaded to social networks”, they explained.

However, the company clarified: “The decision has been made to do not spread the same”.

“This is due to the agitation that these unknown individuals provoke with their aggressions in a moment in which the country requires the collaboration of all forces policies and society in general to maintain social peace and respect for institutions”, assured the authorities of America.

The statement from Grupo América about Viviana Canosa’s program. (Photo: Capture Twitter @A24COM)

Hours before the airing, the journalist had sold part of the content that she was going to present on her program on her networks. “Tonight. Editorial. Runflation,” she wrote on her Twitter account around 8 p.m.

In addition, he planned to interview the writer Federico Andahazi and Juan Bautista “Tata” Yofre, former Secretary of Intelligence of the Nation and ambassador during the government of Carlos Menem.

“Tonight. Editorial. Runflation.” The sale through networks that Viviana Canosa had made. The program did not air. (Photo: capture Twitter @vivianacanosaok)

Several opposition politicians supported Viviana Canosa after her resignation

After Viviana Canosa resigned from her television program, many politicians came out to support her on social networks. From Mauricio Macri to Javier Mileiseveral opposition figures They manifested themselves in their official accounts.

The message that Mauricio Macri wrote to Viviana Canosa (Photo: Capture Twitter).

We cannot accept any type of censorship about the press, not even the covert one with good intentions. It’s a throwback to ignorancea punishment that promotes silence. We accept the cost of being free or we accept the consequences of not being. I am with freedom,” Mauricio Macri wrote on Twitter.

Javier Milei accompanied his message with a photo with Viviana Canosa in one of his appearances on the program (Photo: Twitter Capture).

For its part, Javier Milei He also expressed his support for the driver who interviewed him on several occasions: “Bank furiously to the great Viviana Canosa. It’s crazy that she’s been censored and that she’s leaving the channel for wanting to post a report that might make someone uncomfortable. In FREEDOM you say what you want and you bank after the consequences, but never prior censorship.”

Patricia Bullrich’s message to Viviana Canosa (Photo: Twitter Capture).

Patricia Bullrich He also used that platform to leave his message to the journalist: “!I bank you with my heart, Viviana! We live in freedom and democracy. We want uncensored journalism!”

Waldo Wolf supported Viviana Canosa (Photo: Capture Twitter).

Waldo Wolf He mentioned Canosa in his tweet to assure him that the Chamber of Deputies’ freedom of expression commission was at his disposal to express himself about what happened. “My solidarity with Viviana Canosa in the face of the act of censorship that she suffered yesterday. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of our democracy,” he added. Grace Ocana.

Viviana Canosa received the support of several politicians on Twitter (Photo: Capture).

Others who spoke out in this regard were Fernando Iglesias, Hernan Lombardi, Luis Pietri Y Florence Arietto.

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