Vizzotti's message against the Lanata program.

The Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzetticrossed over to the journalist’s program Jorge Lanata and denied a false news about the purchase of more than 9 million vaccines Sputnik V that are pending delivery.

The head of the health portfolio shared a fragment of the Lanata program for miter radioin which the journalist Gonzalo Sánchez reported that “9 and a half million Sputnik vaccines were paid for and it is believed that they will never arrive.”

“They were paid in advance. There were 30 million vaccines that had to reach Argentina, 10 million nowhere because the war obviously broke out, “said the journalist. Thus, Sánchez indicated: “We had garpped them, it is an example of how money goes away and vaccines will never arrive”.

Javier Benítez, author of the note that called Alberto Fernández a “traitor”: “It was not Sputnik’s opinion at all”

Vizzotti’s response

The release of Carla Vizzotti.

Faced with this, the Minister of Health denied the information on her social networks and responded to the journalist from Lanata Without Filter. “There are 9,019,990 doses of Sputnik V that are pending delivery and no, they were not paid”, Vizzotti began his download.

In this way, the head of the health portfolio explained that “any journalist with the intention of informing can verify it in a simple way, consulting us.”

Vizzotti's message against the Lanata program.
Vizzotti’s reaction on Twitter.

For this reason, the minister also shared the note from the portal of miter radio and shot: “We believe in the honest and professional exercise of journalism as an essential instrument of democracy”.

Fake news generates anguish in those who receive it in good faith”, Carla Vizzotti concluded her discharge on Twitter.


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