Volán equalized in the semi-finals of the Austrian hockey league

Fehérvár said goodbye to the Italian Pustertal Wölfe with a total of 4-0 last Tuesday, making it one of the four in its existence, where it was eliminated in Villach after an overtime on Thursday.

In the 4th minute, the guests took the advantage with a goal that fell close, but Csanád Erdély, also close up – at the end of a parade one-touch puck – did not make a mistake. With a huge shot from Brady Shaw, Volán, who was in the first domestic semi-final clash of his existence, turned around before the break.

The rest did not break the momentum, the Hungarians scored twice in the 26th minute in 37 seconds, first through Ákos Mihály and then through Shaw. Just seconds before the end of the second quarter, Sarauer Andrew reached for a shot and changed his position to 5-1.

In the 28th second of the final act, Villach beautified, which did not give up, and in the 51st minute continued to carve out a handicap. The hair was exciting, but Fehérvár defended well, and in the end the meeting was finally decided with the empty goalkeeper goal of István Bartalis.

Semifinals, Match 2:
Hydro Fehérvár AV19 – Villach (Austria) 6–3 (2–1, 3–0, 1–2)
the scorers of the Hungarian team: Transylvania (10th), Shaw (16th, 26th), Mihály (26th), Sarauer (40th), Bartalis (59th)
The standings of one of the teams until the fourth success: 11.


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