Putin compares his actions to those of Peter the Great, architect of the opening to Europe

the ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskywarned this Wednesday that if Moscow succeeds in its invasion of Ukraine could attack other countries, among which he pointed to Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

“Tyranny does not want to stop on the territory of Ukraine”, Moscow wants to “make its way to new states”, Zelensky assured in a telematic speech before the Czech Parliament.

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He insisted that the aggression of the Russian army against Ukraine, which has been armed for 112 days since its launch on February 24, “must end with the victory” of the attacked country, since in it “the battle for the future of Europe is being waged.” ”.

“We must stop the (Russian) tanks and burn them, so that they can never return to Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Karlovy Vary,” added the president from kyiv, referring to the Czechoslovak invasion by Warsaw Pact troops. in August 1968.

In addition, he asked the European Union (EU) to strengthen economic and financial sanctions against the Kremlin in order to cut off the financing of the war.

“We are with you. Be with us,” he insisted. Zelensky.

In his fifteen-minute speech, he also highlighted the aspiration of Ukraine to obtain the status of candidate country to join the EU this month.

“We hope to receive an answer from the EU to the question about the status of Ukraine. Be active these days to defend Europe,” the Ukrainian leader told lawmakers from both houses of Parliament.

Prague will assume the rotating presidency of the EU on July 1 and one of its priorities is to grant kyiv that status, which is the prelude to being able to become part of the community bloc.

“One of our goals is to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate country,” recognized the Prime Minister, the conservative Petr Fiala, before hearing the words of Zelensky.

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