Volunteers from Prague tutor pupils for free in the library.  Children from Ukraine also come
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“Our program called Together in the library is open to all children from elementary schools and the first years of secondary schools,” explains Michal Kryl, coordinator from the Nová škola company, where the project was conceived.

Tutoring is currently offered by branches in Holešovice, Bohnice, Opatov, Modřany, Lužíny and Rajská Garden. More places will be added, for example in Barrandová or Dejvice.

Pupils do not necessarily need to have a card for the city library, there is no need to register in advance and there is no charge for the service.

“Instead of traditional tutoring, it’s more about some kind of support from our side. We do homework with the children or prepare for high school entrance exams with some of them,” adds Kryl.

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Volunteers are often senior high school and college students.

Children can come to selected branches of the city library with any question. Whether from mathematics, geography or even physics – the subject does not matter. Volunteers are ready to search for answers together with the pupils.

“Of course, our program cannot be done without volunteers. They are mostly from high schools or universities. But we also have a lady who is on maternity leave, or senior citizens. Volunteering is open to everyone. They don’t have to be superheroes, on the contrary. They just have to be open to trying it with the kids,” says the coordinator.

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And what kind of response does the event have from children and parents? “She is quite good, there is interest. Especially after covid and with the Ukrainian crisis, we got quite a lot of new clients,” confirms Michal Kryl, pointing towards the tables in the library in Prague’s Holešovice, which are full of children with textbooks in their hands.

“I tutor three boys from Ukraine here. Two of them are preparing for high school entrance exams and the third of them is in the seventh grade,” one of the volunteers, Hubert, answers when asked who he is in charge of. They are primarily taught mathematics, but also other subjects that are needed at the time.

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Children from Ukraine are also interested in tutoring in Prague-Holešovice. They are preparing for admissions.

Pupil Kateřina also comes here for tutoring. He has a problem with mathematics, Czech and other subjects.

“At our school, there are a lot of teachers who think that we should have mastered a certain subject a long time ago. But I can’t do it because the previous teachers didn’t teach it to us. So I have to come here to tutor her and get good grades for exams and high school,” she says, glad to have a place to help her.

The program has been running since 2014 and is now returning after a covid break. He also wants to penetrate outside the capital.

“We are also looking for other libraries, so if there is one that would be interested, we will be happy,” confirms methodologist Kryl. They are also open to new volunteers who want to pass on their knowledge.

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