Voyager probes: NASA plans to shut down these spacecraft

The two Voyager probes were released in the year 1977 by POT, no one expected that they would continue to function for so many decades; despite the various problems arising from the distance at which they are now, or the age of their systems, the scientists They have managed to maintain communication with the ships. However, their end could be near due to depletion of energy.

Due to this unavoidable problem, the POT plans shut down the last voyager systems in order to extend its useful life, according to the scientific magazine.

The Voyager they work with radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs)which are fed by decomposition of plutonium atoms. But this “gas” It is running out and the energy production decreases four watts each year.

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Voyager history

The Voyager 1 and the Voyager 2identical in every detail, released 15 days apart in the summer of 1977after almost 45 years in the spacethey still work and send data to the Land every day from beyond the Solar system Y known distant planets.

They have traveled further and lasted longer than any other spacecraft in history, and have crossed into interstellar spaceaccording to our best understanding of the boundary between the Sun’s sphere of influence and the rest of the galaxy. They are the first man-made objects to do so, a distinction they will hold for at least a few more decades. Not a bad record, overall, considering the Voyager missions they were originally planned to last only four years.

Despite all the images that voyager probes shared, the POT plan to start shut down some of the Voyagers’ systemsexhausting the reserves of remaining energy of the Spaceships to extend your unprecedented travels.

After flying over all the outer solar system planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), the probes crossed the orbits of the farthest objects in this neighborhood cosmic. And in the last decade, they came out of the heliospherethe limit that marks the Sun’s magnetic influence.

Even when the Voyager have ceased to maintain contact with Earththese probes will continue traveling for thousands of years to other starscarrying a clear message from humanity, each one has a gold disc with our cosmic location, music from different cultures, greetings in different languages, and sounds of our planet.

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