Wado de Pedro compared the taking of debt with the military dictatorship and lowered the tone of the internal one

The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedroreferred this Saturday to the intern going through the ruling by agreement with the International Monetary Fund. The official, loyal to Cristina Kirchner, lowered the tone of the dispute and compared the taking of debt with the dictatorship military.

“I see it as a discussion within a political front who had different positions on how to solve a problem left by (Mauricio) Macri: Argentina’s over-indebtedness. Our coalition discussed that,” De Pedro said.

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Between criticizing Mauricio Macri, the opposition and the media, the minister stated that he prefers “focus on who is responsible of indebtedness”.

“It cannot be that the financial timba has to be paid by all Argentines. We have to focus on how to continue rebuilding Argentina, stop inflation, without pettiness, without putting spokes in the wheel, without wanting the Government to do badly. Because the government is not going to do badly, it is going to go badly for the people, ”he added in an interview on C5N.

Finally, De Pedro assured: “I have no doubt that The Front of All will soon find a way to coordinate a dialogue so that the discussions, which are healthy, take place indoors”.

Wado de Pedro asked for a “Never again” to take on debt

De Pedro, son of disappeared persons from the last civic-military dictatorship, asked “to think of a ‘Never again’ to debt taking for escape.”

“There should be a Never again to taking on debt that mortgages future generations, that the lives of many people are screwed up like the soldiers screwed up for me”, said the Minister of the Interior.

Wado de Pedro compared the taking of debt with the military dictatorship and lowered the tone of the internal one

“The other never again that worked, worked with Justice. Yes, the judiciary is still an accomplicethere is also the problem”, he added.

The official affirmed that the taking of debt with the IMF was “the real corruption”: “The one that generates structural poverty, the one that steals 40 billion dollars. Some Argentine rogues in collusion with foreign funds end up generating a large debt to the Argentine people, ”he concluded.

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