The so-called first proposal for a peace agreement between President Bolsonaro and the ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) foundered. Now, the second proposal has leaked.

According to the first proposal, — which made water and sank —, the ministers of the STF would accept the decree of grace granted by Bolsonaro as constitutional. In exchange, Bolsonaro’s “shut up” regarding the maintenance of the impeachment of Daniel Silveira and the loss of his political rights.

This first “agreement” would have been stitched together by Bolsonarist parliamentarians and by ministers Luiz Fux, president of the STF, and Dias Tóffoli.

Bolsonaro, about this peacemaking “agreement”, warned that he had not designated anyone to represent him.

From what was leaked by Bolsonaristas, the president would have set foot in the extinction of sentences and maintenance of the mandate and eligibility of the condemned Daniel Silveira.

In fact, Bolsonaro was putting his foot down because he knew how to identify the Achilles heel of the STF.

The Achilles heel, – the weak point of the STF with Bolsonaro nudging -, is, in the case of Daniel Silveira, in the exaggerated sanctions: closed prison and fine.

To exploit the weakness of the STF – already well perceived by its own ministers – the novel minister André Mendonça came on the scene. This is where the second proposal for a peace agreement was born.

The “mise-em-scène” of the proposal for the second agreement seems to include the Bolsonaro demonstration last Friday.

In an interview with the radio station Metrópole FM in Cuiabá, Bolsonaro confirmed what he had written in the motivation for the decree for free. In other words, that he was correcting a judicial error committed by the STF. This is about the unfair dosages of penalties imposed on deputy Daniel Silveira.

Certainly guided by Bolsonaro, Minister Mendonça, – known for taking a hound posture in his professional life – approached President Fux with an indecent proposal.

Mendonça presented President Fux with a proposal for a Paraguayan navy “carto de esquadra”. And Bolsonaro, of course, accepts, checks it out, because he would “free the face”, among many others, of the son-Alderman Carlos.

As is well known, Carlos Bolsonaro is being investigated on suspicion of commanding the so-called “hate office”, or rather, he would head the palatial center that disseminates ‘fake news’ through social networks.

Mendonça proposed to Fux the shelving of the fake-news judicial inquiry, chaired by Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

In his view, it would be the perfect pacifying way, ideal to calm Bolsonaro down. As stated, it seems that the STF is terrified of Bolsonaro.

Mendonça’s proposal proposes an end to investigations of very serious crimes. Crimes that hit democracy and the rule of law in full.

Mendonça proposes impunity. Informally, a grace in advance.

In short, Mendonça, in addition to the constitutional principle saying that everyone is equal before the law, forgets a fundamental lesson in criminal law and criminal procedure. Criminal justice has the goal, says the lesson, “not to let crimes go unpunished and not to punish the innocent.”

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