War can make furniture more expensive

Hungarian families can also expect a huge increase in the price of furniture. There are department stores where a line of closets already costs 75 percent more than two years ago. A premium sofa set is 1.1 million forints, which is 100,000 more expensive than at the beginning of the year.

Prices moved up about 10 percent. We can currently issue a quote for 2-3 weeks

– said Zoltán Kiss, store manager. However, there are online stores where prices have been raised by 15 percent. They ask for 300 thousand forints for an average cabinet line, which is 150 thousand more than two years ago. To that comes the 10 percent plus. And recently, several manufacturers have announced rising raw material prices, forcing sellers to raise further.

According to analyst Dániel Kostyal, for a long time there has not been such a price increase in the wood industry, which is also witnessed by consumers. The last time wood prices increased in 1995 than in April this year.

In the next year, about 840,000 families are preparing to spend more on their homes, half of which are thinking of buying furniture.

Said RTL Club newsletter Petz Raymund, Managing Director of GKI Economic Research Ltd. added: this could cost hundreds of thousands of families extra tens of thousands.

Manufacturers said there was a shortage of metals, furniture board and adhesives in April, but there is enough furniture in the shops for now.

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