War in Ukraine: in Dnipro, civil society organizes its support for the Ukrainian army

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In the city of Dnipro, Ukraine, civil society is organizing to support the war effort. An apartment has been transformed into a storage center by volunteers. A report by Karim Yahiaoui and Mohamed Farhat.

In the city of Dnipro, to support the war effort, an apartment has been transformed into a storage center. “Our goal is to help those who are in hot spots,” explains Lina Triegoub, a volunteer. In the maze of this place, you can find everything: food, medicines, hygiene products, clothes, which the drivers then send to the besieged towns in eastern Ukraine.

Since February 24, an entire people has been mobilized in Ukraine, in towns and countryside, to help civilians and support the war effort. Two soldiers, stationed near the Dnipro airport destroyed by Russian strikes, salute the work done. “Volunteers play an essential role, says Ivan, a soldier. The soldiers feel the moral and psychological support of the population.”

The multitude of material supply networks also contributed greatly to supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In the Dnipro storage center there are bullet vests, stretchers and even scopes for rifles. “All my relatives have joined the army, explains Ksenia Petrovic, one of the volunteers. That’s why I’m here. If I weren’t useful here, I would join the army too.”

The commitment of these volunteers partly explains the country’s ability to resist since the beginning of the conflict.

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