War in Ukraine: "kyiv, the capital plunged into cold and darkness by Russian bombs"
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On the front page of the press, this Friday, November 25, the life of Ukrainians deprived of electricity, the climate “almost civil war” in Mayotte which worries the French authorities and the opening of the long-awaited Christkindelsmärik in Alsace, the Christmas market .

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In kyiv, more than 70% of the inhabitants live without electricity, following intense bombardments by the Russian army. According to Kyiv Independentmillions of inhabitants of the capital and other agglomerations of the country are now accustomed to living in the dark in addition to the lack of heating. Le Figaro welcomes another example of the Ukrainians’ spirit of resistance. The inhabitants of the capital “defy Russia”, headlines the daily. “Like a snub to Vladimir Putin” to show that nothing can reach them or demoralize them, not even the arrival of winter which promises to be very harsh.

In France, a department is at the heart of all attention because of the insecurity that reigns there, on the island of Mayotte, 8,000 kilometers from Paris. Violence between rival gangs sows trouble, forcing the government to send Raid police on the spot. The population is “largely terrorized”, says The cross. The newspaper evokes a situation of “quasi civil war”, taking up the words of several local elected officials “Several hundred young people are waging a street war”, reports the newspaper and do not hesitate to “racket the population by threatening them with their machetes”.

Le Figaro sees it as a “war from another age” and links this generalized chaos to immigration which would be out of control on the island due to the flow of immigrants coming mainly from neighboring Comoros. For the Swiss newspaper, Blick, it is perhaps the failure of French policy on its overseas departments and territories. “Paris shows its inability to manage a problem of which it knows the origin”, writes the newspaper. Where does this question come from? How can we hope to exert influence in the Asia-Pacific when the French state is struggling to manage the borders of a small archipelago?

Do you know the Christkindeksmärick? This is the Alsatian name for “Strasbourg Christmas Market”, which will be inaugurated this Friday, November 25 and whose creation dates back to 1570. The newspaper Alsace recalls that it is the whole region that will live, for five weeks, to the rhythm of Christmas, in Colmar and Mulhouse in particular. More than one million tourists are expected, according to Latest News from Alsace.

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