Water, a source of life and energy that Portugal intends to exploit to the full

It is in a turquoise water that invited us to dive the one of Visao of June 9. The Portuguese magazine advertises a “green edition” colorful since it is particularly devoted to the blue economy. “The future is in the water”chants the headline, specifying: “How this ‘source of life’ is the solution for energy independence and for freeing us from fossil fuels.”

After four pages of infographics intended to illustrate a “Water Atlas”which underlines how much this one, in spite of its abundance, remains “a limited resource” and “increasingly threatened by pollution”, Visao offers a long report in Portugaltaken as an example:

“It’s not just about dams anymore. From floating photovoltaic parks on rivers to wind power at sea, including that produced by waves and tides, water is at the heart of the country’s decarbonization, with ever more creative projects and cutting-edge technologies . And Portugal has proven to be a pioneer in this area.”

Focus on the seabed

The weekly sets the scene on Lake Alqueva (Alentejo), where a floating photovoltaic park, larger than five football pitches, will soon produce enough electricity for 15,000 families. In Lisbon, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation presented this week, for its part, a new project which intends to encourage polluting companies to restore the seabed. A more effective compensation than reforestation, according to Filipa Saldanha, deputy director of the program:

“Marshes, seagrass beds and kelp forests have at least eight times the capacity of forests. The Gulbenkian Carbono Azul aims to raise awareness of the value of the great carbon sink that these marine and coastal ecosystems constitute in Portugal, as one of the solutions to the climate crisis.”

Other wave and tidal devices, including a system that will soon be tested in Póvoa de Varzim, by the Swedish company CorPower. “It could be a success, a technological breakthrough”fingers crossed António Sarmento, president of the consulting company WavEC Offshore Renewables, a specialist in marine renewable energies for four decades.

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