We almost had a heart attack, we found such an exciting series on HBO Max

The British mini-series The Tower has already piqued our interest in its basics: the story focuses on a detective named Sarah Collins and a colleague who arrive at a creepy incident. The corpses of a veteran police officer and a teenage Libyan girl lie at the foot of Portland Tower in London. At the top of the tower, the green-eared Lizzie Adama and a small child tremble while the policewoman’s boss screams nervously.

The task was given to the two main characters in the series: to detect this not-so-ordinary accident. If it’s an accident at all, and not some tortuous crime that badly involves the hands of local policemen.

Even in the Battle of the Thrones, Gemma Whelan was one of the most memorable cast. Yara Greyjoy rode the joy girls in her lap in such a way that any lord of Westeros would have envied her, and not even her brother, the pushing Theon, was in doubt when they first met the woman. The actress was already well versed in this role as a boy, and she brings something very similar in The Tower, wearing only a shirt and a costume instead of breastplate. Tiny spoiler: it fits just as well here.

The police production was unveiled by domestic HBO Max on June 12, with new episodes coming in every week, and now the season is coming to an end on Sunday. Unfortunately, we add, because the screenwriters wrote an intricate story based on the two episodes we’ve seen so far that even the creator of Wire could envy it. This investigative theme has always gone well for the British, let’s just remember Idris Elba’s rock-hard Luther, the Bodyguard, Broadchurch or just Sherlock. The tower smoothly brings it to the level listed. In fact, because of its short and striking serving, it might go beyond them.

The events take place in two strands, one of which is the already mentioned Sarah (Gemma Whelan) trying to get to the end of why Libyan immigrant Farah (Lola Elsokari) could take the neighboring little boy with her to the top of Portland Tower and what led to the veteran police officer Hadley (Nick Holder) was killed that day along with the girl. We don’t usually like it when writers scatter a series with a lot of flashbacks, but here it works very well to see Lizzie Adama (Tahirah Sharif) how her relationship with her partner Hadley develops in the past and how the newcomer becomes a victim of the system. policewoman.

In this series, corruption, sexism, racism, and all other forms of exclusion rage within the walls of the police.

The result of the bad situation is also this double death, which is rarely revealed by the protagonists in an exciting way. Not to be calm in front of the screen for a moment, the aftermath of the tragic incident isn’t easy either: Farah’s father doesn’t cooperate with the authorities, Lizzie is tracked down, and the police shut up as if hiding something from DSI detectives.

The pace is quite measured, but there is simply no chance for the plot to slow down slowly. Because the season consists of only three parts. Gemma Whelan’s charisma and vehement style go to great lengths In the tower, a modern and yet classically British prodedural drama is the end result we would be happy to see if much more reached Hungary. Because it is nice to see that this police topic can be cultivated tensely, without empty play and without any unnecessary frills.

The tower was originally unveiled at ITV back in November last year. It’s worth knowing that Kate is adapting the first book of London’s Metropolitan trilogy, so it’s in the deck that the remaining two novels will be processed for us as well. We’d really appreciate it, we didn’t expect to get such an intricate series from HBO Max, so right at the start of the summer.


The tower is available on Hungarian with HBO Maxon.

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