Facundo Manes and Juan Schiaretti.  (Government of Cordoba)

After the declarations of the radical deputy Facundo Manes in relation to his “direct relationship” with the governor John Schiaretti, Together for Change issued this Friday a statement in which they state exhaustively: “We are going to govern the Province of Córdoba in 2023″.

The national positioning strategy of the Peronism of Córdoba and in particular of Governor Schiaretti, it does not modify or condition that determination at all”, they remarked in the statement of the opposition coalition.

“The differences with the Government of the Province have been and are very deep and will not be overshadowed by political convenience of any leader no matter how legitimate their aspirations are”, they added.

Facundo Manes and Juan Schiaretti. (Government of Cordoba)

And they expressed: “Insecurity, poverty and marginality, excessive indebtedness, suffocating tax and tariff pressurethe lack of control of a Police whose operation the political power has disregarded and the interference of the Executive Power in the Judiciary put us at the antipodes of a model that is intended to be exhibited as efficient and republican”.

“From our space we are going to continue being opposed to a model that at times It looks a lot like Kirchenism and that now, for a matter of opportunity, the Peronism of Córdoba intends to hide”, closes the text.

“Direct relation”

The neurologist and national deputy, Facundo Manes asked to expand the coalition Together for Change and emphasized that this space should contain Peronists like the Cordovan president. “Schiaretti, with whom I have a direct relationship, is a governor who manages Córdoba very well, an experienced person. We think the same, that the Argentina that comes has to be outside the extremes. The extremes are doing a lot of harm to Argentina,” he said.

And he added: “With Schiaretti, and with many others, we think that the exit is not through the center, but through the top. There is no means, it is a lie. In the democratic process, no one stopped being a Peronist, liberal, conservative or radical, but everyone wanted democracy”.

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