Blahalouisiana entered the public consciousness already in the year after its establishment. The band could call out Bingo almost immediately: the members matched each other from the first minute as if they had been many years behind them. Their vision of making music was so clear and their audience so enthusiastic that even in their early years it was clear that they had a great future ahead of them. And time confirms this, because this summer the band is ten years old.

At the beginning of their career, they mostly operated with songs with English lyrics, their first hit was The Wanderer could often be heard on Petőfi radio. Their first single a Tales of Blahalouisiana (where you can only find lyrics in English, such as the true rock and roll masterpiece, the My baby wants to leave this city) came after their first LP under the name Blahalouisiana, which still contains quite a few songs in English. However, it can be stated that as the band became more and more popular, Hungarian lyrics took over. On the latest album released in early 2022 (The sky adjusted to us at night) there are only two songs in foreign languages, they compete on the disc inspired by the Hungarian music soundscape of the 70s and 80s.

The birthday party took place in Budapest Park. But before the long-awaited musicians took the stage, Lóci plays got people in the mood. Blaha was scheduled for eight in the evening, and they started so precisely that it took at least two numbers for the audience to find their way from the counters to the stage. Compared to the fact that it was a jubilee, the Park was not full, of course there were not a few people, but the venue could have easily accommodated a larger crowd, but the quality of spectators that was represented in the Park immediately puts the crowd in a different light. Maybe the Székesfehérvár-based band didn’t completely fill the Park area, as soon as the musicians died down for a few moments, people sang the next phrases from the current songs with double energy, clearly and to the rhythm.

When part of the audience, exhausted in the heat, left the arena and waited for refreshments at the bar, the festival atmosphere did not let up even in the line of the counters, everyone sang at the top of their lungs, for example, the very positive tone, The sun is there the hit song. Many people carried this phrase on themselves, because the tickets were given washable covers designed by the tattoo artist Marianna Dezső, including this inscription, which was echoed on different parts of the body during the evening.

In the first round, the unearthly energies were clearly generated by the singer of the band in the audience.

Barbara Schoblocher is like a little girl who dared to dream big and lives those short films, the script of which she wrote maybe a decade ago, whispering to her pillow. A real diva. There is a saying that “if he had not been born in Hungary, he would be world famous”. In this case, it is particularly apt, but we are envious, we need stars here too, not just in Hollywood. The way he treats the stage and treats his peers, the audience, is truly exemplary; he immerses himself in the songs at the same time, which gives off an intimate atmosphere, while not excluding the raging crowd, as he feeds off of them.

The so-called “jazz hands” move, which was one of the iconic moves of Barbi’s early blah years, could be observed several times in the audience. The jazzy attitude is understandable, since most of the band’s members met at the János Kodolányi University in Székesfehérvár, where Barbi, for example, majored in jazz.

He sang on a small, round mini-podium in the middle of the stage, of course not all the way, since there is no concert in which he does not visit every corner of the platform. From a distance, this extra element looked like a tractor wheel, which perfectly suits the band’s image, since their early musical experiments, hence their name, as well as their singer’s obsession with hats and costumes, give the soul-pop band a country feel. Of course, the cowboy hat was not left behind, but Schoblocher’s performance dress – at least the first one – was more reminiscent of a dreamy little girl, and her ruc, which competed with the glitter of the disco balls worn for the second half of the concert, was already the singer with capital letters.

The stage picture was clean throughout, but it was beautiful. The projections running in the background, the delicate and tasteful lighting, which sometimes gave the musicians colors and controlled emotions, and sometimes silhouettes, provided a particularly pleasant sight. THE I’m not alone on the track Schoblocher, for example, raised the tulle of her skirt on both sides, the lights behind her

the singer was lent angel wings for a few moments.

Of course, it wasn’t just Schoblocher who gave his best in the evening, the other members of the band also played brilliantly.

Blaha’s keyboard player is Máté Pénzes, who, among other things, is a pillar member of the Black Circle Orchestra and has been developing his own project under the name Pénz és Ego for months now. When he wasn’t wearing sunglasses, he even delighted the audience with his facial expressions.

András Szajkó is the band’s guitarist and songwriter, most of the lyrics of the Hungarian Blaha songs come from him. During the evening, the camera lingered on him several times, so with the help of the huge projector on both sides of the stage, the audience could not only hear, but also see how his instrument almost functions as a limb.

The same is true for the other guitarist, László Mózner, and the bassist, Gábor Jancsó, also played humbly. The latter two guys grabbed the microphone several times, but they didn’t talk to the audience as much as they could have, judging by the endless cheering of the people.

Ádám Juhász, the drummer, graduated from the Corvinus University as an economist, but luckily he hit the rhythm perfectly not only compared to economists.

At the concert, female vocalists also complemented the sound, and Dorottya Asztalos, the cellist, who At night, the sky adjusted to us in the album named a Give me one brings the song to life and reminds us how versatile the cello is as an instrument, which indeed has a place in light music.

Alone among you, though

Better than without you

Blaha’s songs can easily make you feel like you’re in a Black Mirror-like simulation where the point is to forget all your problems. At Blaha concerts, the grayness disappears, the happier side of life is revealed, but if the sadness doesn’t subside, the songs are suitable for everyone, together with Schoblocher, to scream their pain into the night. The singer let out his voice now. We can’t decide if we wouldn’t be his neighbors or if we would be, but it’s certain that his singing has power and his tone is hot in every way.

Towards the end of the concert, the band wished the Blaha audience (or community) a happy birthday, although they only toasted with water, but while they took a long minute to hydrate, the crowd Happy Birthday! sang the song titled as expected.

After the applause, the members did not come on stage alone.

Iván Vitáris sat by Barbi’s side. It screams about the two performers that they recognize each other’s talent and importance in Hungarian popular music life. You can see the love, friendship and respect for each other developed over many years. As the band processed Locomotiv GT in 2016 Tell me if I sing out loud so they sang this song, and loudly, but fortunately no one spoke to them. There was more chemistry between the two lecturers than at the ELTE Faculty of Science. Vitáris greeted the band at the end of the song, and Schoblocher called himself one of the best singers in the country, and later corrected himself.

But he hadn’t even left the stage, Giorgio Fekete from the Carson Coma band was already up there, joining in one of Blaha’s first songs that boosted the band’s popularity. The Where it meets after that, the audience was given one more song as a farewell, and the band, who were given this song to cover, have been on the road for ten years, and from the small pubs of Fehérvár, the road has led them to every festival and one of the largest outdoor concert venues in Budapest they are already “going home”.

THE It can take a lot was the last song at the birthday concert. It is certain that those who spent their Thursday evening elsewhere will regret it, because Blahalouisiana condensed everything that makes us love them so much into one evening.

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