We can say goodbye to the upcoming iPhone mini

Back in 2020, Apple introduced the first mini iPhone with the iPhone 12 series, quasi-boosting the market for compact yet buffalo phones, and with the 13 series, they further developed everything they started a year ago. However, despite the plethora of positive feedback, mobile sales aren’t bringing the level expected of the apple company, so they’re completely out of the next generation of iPhones.

The first rumors about the discontinuation of mini iPhones took off back in March, then the 9to5 Mac according to his sources, the rumor was that the 2022 supply, like the previous ones, will consist of four models, but this time the mini-edition will be omitted.

As it was a relatively early rumor, it was worth questioning everything, but two months later the situation is still the same, so we can now be almost certain that we will be without a new mini iPhone this year. Instead, we can count on the following models:

  1. iPhone 14 – with 6.1-inch display and front-facing camera cutout from iPhone 13
  2. iPhone 14 Max – with a 6.7-inch display and the front-facing camera cutout also familiar from the iPhone 13
  3. iPhone 14 Pro – with 6.1-inch display and next-generation two-part front camera
  4. iPhone 14 Pro Max – with 6.7-inch display and next-generation two-part front camera

As mentioned, the discontinuation of the model is clearly driven by sales. Published by Counterpoint Research from the report it was recently revealed how demand is split between Apple’s latest phones, and knowing these, the company’s decision is no longer so surprising. At the forefront of the base iPhone 13 is a massive 51 percent of sales, followed by the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 23 percent. Third in line is the iPhone 13 Pro with 21 percent of sales, and the army driver is the iPhone 13 mini, which was only 5 percent, despite its compact size, bitang performance and better price.

It’s important to note that Counterpoint only looked at the Chinese market, with previous reports on global sales of the iPhone 12 mini analysis however, it showed similarly low numbers for the smallest model – so we can certainly not talk about a more massive discrepancy anywhere. The new iPhones are likely to be announced at Apple’s regular fall product launch in September.

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