Russia is a state supporting terrorism, MEPs decided
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Zelenskyy said he receives reports of Russian attacks almost every hour. “Such terror began immediately after the Russian army was forced to flee from the Kherson region. This is the revenge of the losers,” he declared.

According to him, the Russians no longer know how to fight. “All they can do for now is terrorize. Either energy terror, artillery or missile terror – that’s all that Russia has degraded to under its current leaders,” he said, adding that only the country’s liberation and reliable security guarantees would protect Ukraine from Russian escalation. “We work with our partners on this every day. There will be important news soon,” the president promised the people.

They want to isolate us from each other

The President further informed that after the massive Russian attacks of the last few days, the supply of electricity, water and heat is gradually being restored. “Energy workers, utilities, business — everyone is doing their part to get the lights back on. This is truly a national task,” said Zelenskyj.

According to him, the communication network is also being restored. “Special attention is paid to the communication system. No matter what the terrorists are planning, we must stay in touch. Russia wants Ukrainians not only to be without light and heat… Terrorists want to isolate us from each other,” he warned.

Russia wants to break the morale of Ukrainian civilians with attacks on infrastructure


Power plants already cover half of consumption

Ukraine’s power plants are back in operation after widespread outages caused by massive Russian airstrikes on Wednesday and already cover about half of what Ukraine needs, the operator of the Ukrainian grid said on Thursday evening.

Although supplies have been restored throughout Ukraine, households are being connected to the grid only gradually, Kyrylo Tymoshenko from the Ukrainian President’s Office informed in a telegram. In Kyiv, around 70 percent of households were still without power in the early evening of Thursday, according to the Unian agency, the local administration reported. After the pause forced by Wednesday’s attacks, all functional nuclear power plants in Ukraine, with the exception of Zaporozhye, have also started producing electricity, but they are slowly reaching their original capacity.

Russia carried out another large-scale air strike on Ukraine on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people, according to Ukrainian authorities. Authorities announced the same day that the capital was without water and the adjacent Kyiv region was without power. Large-scale power outages also affected many other places in Ukraine, which were practically completely engulfed in darkness, as illustrated by a photo taken from a satellite, according to the Meduza news portal. All three functioning nuclear power plants, which are still under Ukrainian control, had to go into emergency protection mode, which resulted in the disconnection of all their power units.

Massive power outages in Ukraine, the Russians fired dozens of missiles

The war in Ukraine

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