We have the first Hungarian medal at the Canadian World Championships

A medal was also awarded to the parasector on Saturday

Saturday was led by the finals of the para section, A bit Péter Pál this time after his gold medal on Friday Katalin Varga finished on the podium, behind the two favorite British ladies (Charlotte Henshaw and Emma Wiggs), she finished the KL–2 200-meter race in third place.

To be honest, I’m not satisfied with the track, it wasn’t like it usually is, I went one this morning, but it was better. It’s a good feeling to go with the two Brits, they’re always great. They are obviously the closest target to be caught. I broke my leg on the 15th of March this year, at that time I didn’t think at all that I could be here at the World Championships, compared to that it turned out as well as possible

– he evaluated Shoemaker Catherine to the Index.

As for the others, Erika Pula (KL–1,200 m) finished in 9th place, fourth yesterday Robert Suba this time he became the fifth (VL–2,200 m), Nikoletta Molnár (KL–3,200 m) is the seventh.

Saturday’s finale

First on Friday winning the race even with the water in it Korisánszky to David we could support him, this time the boat’s kicking did not work out so well for him, this time he finished in eighth place.

THE Sára Fojt, Noémi Pupp, Emese Kőhalmi, Alida Dorka Gazsó composed of four kayaks, in the extremely strong field, they won the sixth place in a big battle – the unit could not be dissatisfied with that either.

“We came on a good course, much better than the preliminaries. We were able to do what we discussed on the beach and what we practiced the day before and I am proud of my team. I am satisfied with the result” Dorka Alida Gazsó summarized the race.

THE Giada Bragato, Bianka Nagy canoeists had a sensational start in the Olympic track, at 250 meters only the Chinese duo was ahead of them, and even though their rivals came up at the end, they still got the bronze medal at 500 meters.

Saturday’s program (Olympic numbers are in bold)


16.03: men’s C–1 200 m (Dávid Korisánszky – 8th)

16.10: women’s K–4 500 m (Sára Fojt, Noémi Pupp, Emese Kőhalmi, Alida Dorka Gazsó – 6.)

16.34: women’s C–2 500 m (Giada Bragato, Bianka Nagy – bronze medal)

16.43: men’s C–2,500 m (Jonatán Hajdu, Ádám Fekete)

17.07: women’s K–2 200 m (Kiss Blanka, Lucz Anna)

17.14: C–2,200 m (Bragato Giada, Bianka Nagy)

17.21: women’s K–1 500 m (Eszter Rendessy)

17.44: women’s C–1 1000 m (Balla Virág)

17.55: man K–1 1000 m (Bálin the Bald)


19.30: men K–4 500 m (István Kuli, Kolos Csizmadia, Ádám Varga, Bence Nádas)

19.48: men’s K–1 500 m (Gergely Balogh)

20.00: men’s C–1,500 m (Dániel Fejes)

21.02 mixed K–2 500 m semi-final (Gazsó Dorka Alida, Levente Kurucz)




C–1 200 M

1. Oleksii Koliadych (Poland) 39.25

2. Nico Pickert (Germany) 39.35

3. Viktor Stepanov (Kazakhstan) 39.44

…8. Dávid Korisánszky 40.18


Hungary (Jonatán Hajdu, Ádám Fekete)

K–1 1000 M

Balint Balin


K–4,500 M

Hungary (István Kuli, Kolos Csizmadia, Ádám Varga, Bence Nádas)

K–1,500 M

Gergely Balogh


Dániel Fejes


K–4,500 M

1. Poland 1:30.70

2. Australia 1:32.78

3. Mexico 1:33.24

…6. Hungary (Sára Fojt, Noémi Pupp, Emese Kőhalmi, Alida Dorka Gazsó) 1:34.11


Hungary (Giada Bragato, Bianka Nagy)

K–2 200 M

Hungary (Kiss Blanka, Lucz Anna)

C–2 200M

Hungary (Giada Bragato, Bianka Nagy)

K–1,500 M

Eszter Rendessy

C–1 1000M

Balla Flower

(Cover photo: landscape before the battle – photo: László Borbély/Index)

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