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In this year’s X-Faktor final, three contestants could sing for the first prize. The audience decided on the placement of Laci Gáspár’s mentor, the exceptionally beautiful and very musical Luca Mihályfi, Bye Alex’s protégé, Solyom Bernadett from Gyergyószentmiklós, and Peti Puskás’ competitor, Kevin Kiss, who also writes his own songs.

After the first round of the finale, it was revealed that, based on votes, Luca Mihályfi won the third place in the talent show. The excellent singer did not break down, he smiled and said goodbye to the mentors who celebrated him and the audience. The competition between Solyom Bernadett and Kevin Kiss can continue for the first prize.

Before the final competition started, it turned out that Solyom Bernadett can certainly be happy, because he received the special prize of the Sziget festival, so he can definitely perform at the biggest light music event in the region next summer.

After the two finalists performed their two songs each, the final voting began, during which it was decided who would receive the HUF one million monthly prize for one year.

At the end of the battle of the teenagers, the host Dávid Miller read the name of Solyom Bernadett from the paper pulled out of the envelope.