We need transformers and heavy weapons, says Ukrainian diplomat after Russian attacks
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“Ukraine highly values ​​the military and humanitarian support of its allies and partners. As for the needs, they are really huge. Military aid, especially heavy weapons and military equipment, remains a priority for us. The sooner we expel the Russian army from our entire territory and return all our citizens, the sooner we will be able to start the post-war reconstruction of the state,” Usatyj told Novinkám.

Another thing that, in addition to weapons, Ukrainians urgently need is power plants.

“Russia is attacking Ukrainian infrastructure, destroying Ukrainian power plants, transformers and other energy facilities. Power outages have become a daily reality for all Ukrainians. Therefore, we ask our partners to provide us with transformers for high-voltage networks and other equipment to restore the destroyed infrastructure,” added the chargé d’affaires.

Ukrainians are also looking for food parcels to equip anti-aircraft shelters, schools, kindergartens, hospitals.

“We feel a huge lack of medical equipment for operating rooms, field hospitals, and also to ensure the rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians who have suffered injuries. I could list such needs on and on. The longer we have to deal with Russian attacks, the bigger they will be. Therefore, heavy weapons are the most important, which will help to end the war once and for all,” concluded Usatyj.

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Businessman Dalibor Dědek continues to help collect money for heavy weapons through his website braneproukrajinu.cz.

In total, he has already collected almost 270 million crowns, which was used to buy, for example, a drone, training of soldiers in Ukraine, a Tomas tank and ammunition. There is currently a fundraiser for the mobile anti-aircraft defense Viktor.

As the Ministry of Defense stated in October, the Czech government has so far supplied the Ukrainians with material worth 4.2 billion crowns. The Czechia is said to be among the five biggest supporters of Kyiv.

Help to Ukrainians is also provided by People in Need. “Since the beginning of the invasion, we have provided assistance to more than 500,000 people worth over 981 million crowns, and we have more than 264 colleagues on the ground,” the organization reported at the end of October.

People in Need workers help with home repairs and provide people with drinking water and food aid.

The Czech Red Cross regularly imports medical supplies to Ukraine. The last time he took there on Veterans Day on November 10, among other things, an X-ray machine suitable for searching for shrapnel in the body of a wounded person, ambulance equipment and a car for the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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