We show you the most expensive beer in the world

The Craft Beer Co chain sells imported American craft beer in Brixton, south London. A 75 ml bottle costs £ 105, which is equivalent to £ 48,600, and you have to pay £ 37,000 for a jar.

AleSmith Brewing Company, a craft micro-brewery, makes ale beer specialties in San Diego, California. If beer lovers want to take it out with a bottle so they can enjoy it at home, they get a one-third discount.

Bitang is strong and poisonous

The beer, which has an alcohol content of 11 percent, is dark brown in color and has a dense, syrupy texture. It is aged in barrels for 18 months. The sour beer also contains roasted malt, hops, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and barley wine.

This beer is a fusion of three other beers brewed by the same company: Speedway Stout, whose tapped tap was sold at the same pub chain in 2018, and is made up of Wee Heavy and Old Numbskull beers.

But beer is Independent according to him, the pub is not very popular with hipster guests yet.

So far, only a bottle of expensive beer has been sold.

It was bought by a six-man men’s company who, according to the pub staff, “absolutely loved it”.

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