We won’t sleep from the new Doctor Strange movie for a week, it has become so scary

THE Doctor Strange The first part of 2016 was a good wake-up call for those who drove a little on Marvel movies on the assembly line: the Wizarding Theme, Psychedelic Garnish, and Originet evoked visuals that took many off their feet. Anno, when we envisioned the sequel, few would have dared to bet we’d get a multi-world, horror-leaning adventure film, none other than the original Spider-Man trilogy, Sam Raimi in the director’s chair.

As the title suggests, a Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness not the most family-friendly MCU part to date. Already in terms of getting into some unexpected scares, bloodshed, and overall the tone of the story has become much darker than the Shang-Chiin or just a There is no way homein.

The production is actually one WandaVision can be treated as a second season, there are many references to Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) kidnapping the consciousness of a complete small town in the mini-series and trying to live an idyllic garden city life with her android love and imaginary children. Nor are those who have seen the a What If …? animation series – because of the multiverse thing – but a fact that is a fact: a Doctor Strange 2 it can be enjoyed on its own.

We don’t shoot a lot about the story, it’s typically the kind of film you want to know as little as possible about. In the beginning, a teenager with special abilities named America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) escapes a monster that wants to squeeze out the girl’s dimensional jumping power. There’s no need to fear that we’ll have to watch CGI monsters for two hours, wait a while to pull the veil off the real protagonist of the film, and of course Strange and his community of wizards will also find themselves at the center of events.

From now on, Marvel’s new blockbuster will turn into a crazy race. Although we don’t see as many different worlds as we expected, these few grab into a person’s memory, and it can be easily said that they skillfully expand the superhero phantasmagoria.

Strange’s character is no longer the guy we saw in 2016, he’s a much more established world savior who, trusting in his cloak, jumps out the window without thinking and starts flying to save the innocent. Benedict Cumberbatch grew into this role pretty much like Chris Hemsworth Thore. THE Doctor Strange 2 in the case of you, we can flick our fingers with satisfaction that it’s at least as cool a thing to be a wizard here as a god, a super soldier, or just a charming billionaire flying in high-tech clothes. Rookie Xochitl Gomez has received a lot of hatred in advance from the toxic half of the fans, much more popular now than Tom Holland’s Spider-Man for example. The special good news about Wong (Benedict Wong) is that they were finally able to start something with the character and we managed to understand why he became an audience favorite.

Elizabeth Olsen, complete as the Scarlet Witch, is something phenomenal as she steals the show. There is no question from here as to who is the strongest superhero in the Marvel multiverse.

The Tale of Wanda Maximoff a WandaVisionbegan construction in Doctor Strange 2and was terribly complete. The man’s heart aches into the hellish process the character goes through this time around, and perhaps needless to say, most of the horror scenes are connected to him.

Director Sam Raimi took a very hard stand on this craze. Here we think quite precisely that not every second scene is joked this time around, the garnish is serious and tragic. The pictorial world also fits well with this, which is like a bizarre fever. Headed up with a lot of weirdness.

Let’s get to the scare: horror scenes are built on big classics, and maybe that’s why they hit that much. Even though we’re sorry for them, they have a shocking new look in an MCU movie. It’s 120 minutes when it’s 2002 The circle Samara ‘s climb – out scene from the TV screen is referenced, but the Shinethe Terminatorand even that The-movies are also summoned. As a fan of horror, you really just open your mouth to these, especially when it is Evil Dead a whole little gag is built around it, with Bruce Campbell in the lead role. Incredible.

THE Doctor Strange 2it is good to be scary and detached from reality. Not a normal Marvel movie, accordingly – it is They are eternallike – now gets cold and warm from the audience. It’s nothing that hardcore fans can’t appreciate the innovative intent. We’re not going to sleep from a jumpscare or two for a week, that’s for sure. Sam Raimi’s film, despite the fact that the first half was pretty bumpy and the spin was hard to start, dragged him very nicely by the end. THE Everything, everywhere, always is obviously not reaching its level, but it is a very fair superhero popcorn horror.

Let’s face it, there aren’t many competitors to this genre in this genre. So we can really appreciate it being done. And we would add to the end that while Spiderman: No way home in the case of as the days passed after viewing, we were less and less enthusiastic about the three Peter Parker adventures, here the exact opposite is true. The more we think now the Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness the more peas our backs from him. In a good way, of course. (8/10)

Doctor Strange is still on display in cinemas in the multiverse of madness.

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