Weeds: they launched a new version of a control technology

In search of technological innovation and digital transformation in the Argentine countryside, a company launched a new version of the pre-emergent herbicide registered in wheat, barley, soybean and corn. It was thus that in the city of Rosario and before more than 400 producers, advisors, distributors and referents, Summit Agro presented Yamato Top.

As explained in the company, the active ingredient (pyroxasulfone) of the new product “corresponds to the isoxazoline chemical family that controls a wide range of weeds, especially in lots with high infestation and with the presence of difficult species, such as annual grasses and amaranthus spp.”

Giuliana Nardi, head of herbicide products, referred to the changes in production paradigms in the agricultural sector, both at the national level and at the business and professional level, where the company “It is accompanying these new paradigms.”

For his part, Adrián Martínez Van Den Dooren, Marketing Manager, stated: “The new version of the product positions us as pioneers in the pyroxasulfone with an exclusive liquid formulation, safer for the user and the environment, in line with our Be Green program, which involves carrying out all our internal and external activities within a sustainable context”.

According to him, the new concentrated suspension formulation (SC) presents an excellent green band toxicological profile and allows for greater compatibility in tank mixes and stability.

Lastly, he said that they proposed to develop the formula locally “to guarantee the Argentine producer higher availability of the product, have the asset in a timely manner and bet on national production and generate more investment, development and local labor”.

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