"Lightyear" hit theaters (Photo: Disney/Pixar).

“Lightyear”: the fantastic spin-off of “Toy Story”

It is a space adventure in its purest form, full of adventures and humor of its own. toy story. Lightyear respects the sense of friendship and love for family, something that made all the films in the saga endearing..

Here Buzz Lightyear takes command, but it’s not the toy, but the “real” character from the movie that little Andy watched with devotion 27 years ago. Now Lightyear is piloting a spaceship and makes a forced landing. The damage serves as a kick for this new story, in which several questions will be answered, such as Where does the phrase “To infinity and beyond” come from?

Important: do not miss the titles, because there are several post-credit scenes.

“Lightyear” hit theaters (Photo: Disney / Pixar).

The Politeama Theater returns to Corrientes Street by the hand of Campanella

This weekend the Politeama Theater is reopened, with the play The truth, produced by Gustavo Yankelevich. The reconstruction of this room on Corrientes Street was carried out by 100 Bares Producciones, with Juan José Campanella at the helm. The work was done thanks to a loan.

The Teatro Politeama Argentino is located in Corrientes almost Paraná and was inaugurated in 1879, with Othello, Shakespeare. It was definitively demolished in 1958 and its case caused so much controversy that it led to the enactment of National Law 14800/59. The rule provides that where there was a theater, the new construction must contain a theater, with at least 90% of the capacity of the original.

The protagonists of "The truth"which premiered at the Politeama Theater (Photo: Movilpress).
The protagonists of “La Verdad”, which premiered at the Politeama Theater (Photo: Movilpress).

Built from the ground up, the theater allows musicals to be performed there, thanks to the 23-meter grid. Today it has 705 seats, from which I know perfectly.

The work The truth opens this new cycle, starring former Almost angels: Cande Vetrano, María del Cerro, Agustín “Cachete” Sierra and Tomás Fonzi. Directed by Ciro Zorzoli, this comedy about sincerity and couples has a love triangle as its main axis.

Politeama Theater

“Halftime”, the documentary by Jennifer Lopez

Born on July 24, 1969 in the Bronx of New York, Jennifer Lopez comes to Netflix with an exciting documentary about her life and her career as an actress and singer. It joins the platform just a few days after its first screening at the Tribeca Festival.

Jennifer Lopez at the 2022 Tribeca Festival Opening Night and World Premiere of "half-time" (Photo: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)
Jennifer Lopez at the opening of the 2022 Tribeca Festival and the world premiere of “Halftime” (Photo: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP).

The title is half-time and alludes both to the Super Bowl show (which he starred in with Shakira in February 2020) and to the 50 years he had then: the ‘middle of the road’.

The director is Amanda Micheliwho chose an intimate point of view to begin with, with J. Lo blowing out his 50th birthday candles and saying that “his life has just begun”.

Cycle of Jean-Pierre Melville at the York Cinema

Lumiton, together with the Fundación Cinemateca Argentina, with the support of the Institut Français and the French Embassy, ​​carry out this series on Parisian Jean-Pierre Melvilleforerunner of the Nouvelle Vague and a benchmark of French film noir.

The cycle will include four films by Jean Pierre Grumbach (Photo: Press).
The cycle will include four films by Jean Pierre Grumbach (Photo: Press).

The event, which will include four feature films by the French directorwill run until Thursday 30, with performances at 6 and 8 pm. The performances will be at the York de Olivos cinema, with free entrance.

The little ones have fun with “Plim Plim and his friends”

Until July 31, “Una Aventura Musical” will be presented, the new live show by Plim Plim and all his friends. The functions of June 18, 19 and 26, July 2 and 3 are already on sale; at 12 noon, in the Belgrano Auditorium.

Plim Plim can also be seen on YouTube (Photo: Press).
Plim Plim can also be seen on YouTube (Photo: Press).

Plim Plim along with her friends Mei-Li, Hoggie, Bam, Nesho and Acuarella will live entertaining adventures focused on the values ​​and positive habits they learn as a family: knowing how to share, eating healthy and taking care of our planet.

The production is present in more than 50 countries and has millions of views from friends around the world on its YouTube channel. tickets are on sale in www.entradauno.com and at the theater ticket office (Virrey Loreto 2348).

Dance with Gaturro, in his musical

After 3 seasons and more than 100,000 spectators during 50 shows throughout the country, Gaturro returns to the stage with a show of music, choreography and songs.

Gaturro and his faithful friend Agatha star in this musical that tells a story of friendship and dreams, with a lot of humor and a spectacular choreographic display.

Gaturro stars in this children's musical (Photo: Press).
Gaturro stars in this children’s musical (Photo: Press).

The performances will take place on July 22 and 29, at 4:30 p.m. at the Regina Theater on Av. Santa Fe 1235. Tickets are on sale through Plateanet and prices start at $1,200.

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