Weekly horoscope Leo: Your horoscope week from 20.06.  - 06/26/2022

Weekly horoscope Leo from 20.06. – 06/26/2022 | Horoscope of week 25: Everything about love, work and health ✓ free ✓ man & woman ✓ on TAG24

The current constellation gives astronomers important information about your zodiac sign Leo. Whether you are a Leo man or a Leo woman, im weekly horoscope from 20.06. – 06/26/2022 you will find important messages about the current horoscope Week.

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love and partnership

Your private relationships contain a note of harmony and friendly courtesy. It hasn’t been this emotional in a long time. It would be good if you would tell your counterpart immediately what you don’t like. Things get violent in the partnership, but not necessarily in a negative way. Erotic attraction can be pretty hot! You can look forward to a lot of romance in your relationship.

health and fitness

It would be urgently necessary for you to eat a little more moderately. Don’t be surprised if you feel a huge boost of energy. You feel good and your body can regenerate excellently. Positive thoughts also strengthen the body. Pay attention to non-toxic foods.

career and finances

You have a wonderful time ahead of you, which can bring you a lot professionally. Leave nothing to chance, head for your destination carefully. You want to experience something and your urge for freedom is very big. Most of the time you are doing the exact opposite of what is expected of you. A positive aspect very clearly signals your creativity and energy. Bring crisis issues to the table and speak your mind.

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