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We’ll show you which airlines should be most afraid of your suitcase

We’ll show you which airlines should be most afraid of your suitcase

In second place was Emirates, with six per cent of all reports over the same period, with Alitalia in third place with 40 pieces of damaged luggage. (Let’s face it, a lot of passengers don’t file a claim with airlines because they’re fed up with a lengthy, often pointless, and time-consuming process of proving princes.)

So most of the claims went to Ryanair, followed by Emirates, Alitalia, Ethiad Airways, Iberia, Royal Air Morocco, Vueling Airlines, British Airways, Jet2 and Turkish Airlines. Private banker.

The survey also found that less than half of those who reported damage to their luggage achieved a positive result.

For those who still managed to get an average of 154 days to award damages, United Airlines is leading this negative peak by 418 days.

However, Ryanair – perhaps because they receive the most complaints – took a full 868 days to settle the claim. They concluded that this was probably due to the coronavirus.

It’s a good idea to take a picture of your suitcase before shipping

A Sun employee interviewed a loader who said the heavier the suitcase that was sent, the greater the risk of injury. This is mainly a warning to young people: while a significant proportion of them – especially men – cut to the world with a backpack that fits in the cockpit, young women tend to pack twice as much as they need, stuffing their suitcases.

The interview also reveals that it is definitely worth choosing a four-wheeler instead of a puller, you are more likely to have the luggage handler roll it instead of tossing it to the top of the pile. Some have suggested we photograph our suitcase before shipping.

(Cover image by Daniel Karmann / picture alliance via Getty Images)

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