Wendy Guevara overcomes Las Perdidas and builds her solo career

Leon, Guanajuato.- From model, actress and working for her career as a singer, Wendy Guevara little by little it is demarcated from the name of ‘The losses’ to work for a proper name away from that internet phenomenon.

Wendy has contributed for Trixye. Photo: Special.

After becoming famous in 2017 For recording a video where they asked for help because they were lost on the hill, Paolita and Wendy began to notice an increase in the number of followers.

After, they were joined by Kimberly ‘The Most Precious’ with whom they created the new group ‘The Most Lost’.

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Due to her fame, Paolita registered the name of ‘The losses’ and from there came the opportunities, the surgeries, the invitations to programs and to collaborate.

But it was Wendy who saw beyond the obvious and surrounded herself with the exact people for her growth: she changed managers, became friends with personalities like Manelyk, Kuno, music producers and thus further expanding her field of work.

It currently has two songs “Putsy”, “Hey Bitch”, in addition to having their live shows.

While Paolita is dedicated to the manufacture of footwear, her fame has not been as great as that of her colleague, in addition to Kimberly who is gradually overcoming her shyness, and in return, she has already been nominated for the Miaw Awards 2022.

Wendy instead, it has also gone viral for memes, and his face is used to show displeasure in some unpleasant situation.

It has been part of memes. Photo: Special.

She is currently the host with her friends in a special program of The Live Saga of Adela Micha, where you see that the baton is led by Wendy.

Wendy Guevara in The Saga. Photo: Facebook.

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