To every action there is a reaction

What a contradiction is experienced in the Ministry of the Environment headed by María Luisa Albores with the issue of environmental impact statements that must be presented, equally, by both public and private works.

WHILE the Mayan Train advances without complying with that requirement, there are private builders who have spent months waiting for the release of that same procedure.

PROTECTED by the presidential decree, which has already led to the resignation of three directors of Semarnat, the train is not stopped by damage to the jungle, or the deforestation of common sense.

AND THEY SAY that many of the private statements have already been presented and reviewed but are frozen on some desk because “someone” just doesn’t feel like giving them the endorsement. How are you!


GREAT SURPRISE for senior executives of commercial airlines when they were presented with the “solution” that the federal government wants to give to the sinking in Terminal 2 of the AICM.

FIRST, they explained that while one part of the building is founded on 60-meter piles, another has similar structures but that only reach 30 meters deep and that, therefore, the construction sinks differently.

AND THEN they were told that the conclusion of the military engineers who analyzed the problem is that, instead of continuing to shore up the terminal, they are going to let it sink… but evenly.

Let’s SEE if it doesn’t turn out that in a few years -or months- the boarding tunnels have to be replaced by escalators so that passengers can get on the planes. It’s not a joke, even if it seems like it.


LET’S SEE how Claudia Sheinbaum’s government does to implement in CDMX the new mechanical review of all private vehicles that was imposed in NOM 236.

IT HAPPENS that these mandatory inspections already existed as part of the vehicular verification in the six-year term of Miguel Ángel Mancera, but the current head of government made them optional in 2019.

HIS ARGUMENT was that citizens could not be required to have a good suspension in their cars because the streets and avenues were full of potholes.

AND UNLESS a miracle happens between now and November, it is hard to see how the capital’s asphalt, where thousands of tires, rims and shock absorbers are damaged each year, can guarantee that cars circulate without the risk of these damages.

OR WILL IT BE that since the new “ideota” is from a government of Morena, now the review that was unfeasible three years ago can be imposed? It is a question that does not fall into potholes.

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