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A large part of the population of the National District built and lives on someone else’s land, claimed for centuries by companies and families. Today, to get title deeds authentic, those citizens pay the price of the land to its original owners.

President Luis Abinader took a first step that could lead to a plan for residents of District 3 of the National District to have titles. The solution: buy from the owners.

In a meeting with approximately 200 women at the Mauricio Báez Club, in Villa Juana, in the northern part of the capital, the president acknowledged that “there is a large part of the land that belongs to families and private companies.”

“There are people who have built buildings of three and four floors without titles”he added.

To begin with, he delegated the senator of the National District, faride rafulpresent at the event, the responsibility of carrying out “a survey of all those titles”, to “see what way out we can find for it”.

Abinader presented two alternatives: “There are even people who can give a contribution, there are others who cannot give it, and we give it to them.”

The team led by Raful must present a diagnosis of the situation to the presidentafter which it would be necessary to negotiate with the owners and find a way for people to pay for some plots whose price, at today’s value, remains to be seen.

Another degree program will be carried out in Los Guandules and La Ciénaga as part of the project New Dominic Savio.

The Abinader government has focused on increasing the number of title deeds which grants The president said that, to date, his government has issued the same number of titles as the last administration in its eight years.

The ruler always highlights the advantages offered by titling for owners in terms of access to bank credit and increased value.

Women make requests

Abinader met with hundreds of women at the Mauricio Báez club (FRANCIS ARIAS)

In their meeting with hundreds of women from District 3 of the National District, they requested loan facilities to continue growing their businesses, as well as to have access to low-cost food, through the fixed warehouses of the Price Stabilization Institute ( Inespre) and cheap canteens.

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They also expressed the need to expand drug coverage in the People’s Pharmacies and the construction of Primary Care Centers to treat preventive health. Finally, they requested greater attention to security in police stations so that the rights of citizens are respected and their physical integrity is guaranteed.

Previously, Abinader had supervised the asphalting plan of the Ministry of Public Works in Villa Consuelo, and participated in the launch of the Santo Domingo Science and Technology Fair at the Salesian Technical Institute (Itesa).

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