What are Cuba and Russia working on?
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Rodrigo Malmierca Diaz Photo: Alejandro Azcuy Dominguez

ANKARA, Turkey.- The Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca Díaz, considered that the visit of President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez “was very useful and profitable”, and will contribute significantly to continue developing ties of friendship and cooperation with the Russian Federation.

In statements to the press accompanying the Cuban delegation on the tour of Algeria, Russia, Turkey and China, the island’s minister mentioned “a group of projects that give an idea of ​​how we are progressing, despite the fact that the pandemic of COVID-19 introduced a series of obstacles in recent years to bilateral relations.”

Malmierca Díaz pointed out the modernization of Antillana Acero, whose electric steelworks should be completed soon; increasing efficiency with the use of innovative technologies in the Boca de Jaruco oil field; the rehabilitation of the Santa Clara Mechanical Plant; and the operation of a diagnostic and maintenance center for Kamaz equipment in the Mariel Special Zone.

In his statements upon arriving in the city of Ankara, in Turkey, the third point of the Cuban President’s international tour, the head of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment in the Island also referred to Heberprot P, a medicine developed by Cuban scientists and which is unique in the treatment of diabetic foot. Not only is it registered from a sanitary point of view by the Russian authority, but the protocol for its use is also approved.

Likewise, he said, we have the plan for one hundred study scholarships, a program that is being resumed and is very important because it is designed for Cuba.

We also evaluated the results of the XIX session of the intergovernmental commission for commercial, economic and technical scientific cooperation. This is a mechanism that meets periodically, where we coordinate everything related to the development of joint projects, thought of in the National Development Plan until 2030.

We are working on very important issues for Cuba, such as transportation, energy, and even banking and financial issues. We are working, and it should be a reality in a short time, so that the MIR cards, which are the ones used in the Russian Federation, can also be used in Cuban entities. This will favor tourism and, as you know, it is the dynamic sector of our economy. We are very interested in attracting tourists to the Russian market and even attracting corporate tourism, that is, tourism from large companies that already have other businesses with Cuba and They can also make this type of organized visit to our country.

An issue that was discussed a lot was the investment of Russian capital in Cuba. We are very interested in attracting Russian companies to work in Cuba. We also talked about other economic interests, for example, importing food, importing a group of raw materials and products that can be used in Cuba to produce food, all of which is also vital for us. contribute significantly to continue developing the ties of friendship and cooperation with the Russian Federation

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